A landscape study of the Extraction industries in Wales.

This publication presents a series of landscapes that illustrate the consequence of industrial need on once thriving Welsh communities.


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Presented as an abstraction of the confluence of land and water these images are a timeless reflection of the geology of our planet.

Large format exhibition catalogue accompanying six, 24" x 30" Inkjet Prints mounted on aluminium.


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Beached and found in a littoral discard. This still life collection is a poetry of found objects.


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Documenting Spanish medieval street theatre, ‘Ball de Diables’ represents the fight of good against evil.

This work is centered around the Correfocs in the Jalon Valley in the Province of Alicante in Spain.

Literally translated Correfoc means ‘fire run’.


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A photographic record of the River Avon's journey through Bath and it's surrounding countryside.

With it's powerful and erosive energy, a rivers impulse is to constantly reshape the environment. The river is the sculptor, carving a natural passage through the landscape.


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